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COVID UPDATE - We're open

As per the information we have been provided by the DHHS, Alpha Doggy PlayCare will be able to continue trading for the time being.

We will be implementing further safety protocols as required to ensure the continued safety of both our staff and customers.

We certainly understand how genuinely important our services are to many of our customers and how difficult the stage 4 restrictions will be for many of you.

We are still looking into how the "5 km from home" rule applies to the Playcare and training services that we are still able to offer.

Until we have been given a clear decision from the relevant Government agencies, we are unable to advise our customers on whether they are allowed to travel outside of their 5km radius to attend the Centre.

We would advise all our customers to seek clarification from their local Police, DHHS or other relevant Government Departments as to their individual situation in relation to delivery of your dog to our business which allows you to have your dog cared for, which enables you to attend a workplace which delivers essential services to Australians in need, as your duties cannot be performed from home.

If in doubt, we suggest that you hold off from attending for the time being.

If you are struggling and need assistance, please contact us and we will endeavour to help you as best as we can.

We hope that the sacrifices we are all having to make will bring about the end of these restrictions as soon as possible and a return to some sort of normality.


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03 9753 3225 (direct)
03 9753 5766 (option 1) The Alpha Canine Centre
54 Rushdale Street
Knoxfield Vic 3180
In case of an emergency 03 9764 0129

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