Assessment Day

An Awesome, Fun Day Out For Your Dogs

Assessment Day - Your dog's very first day with us.

Cost: $75 (Includes full day PlayCare + $30 assessment fee)

Alpha Doggy PlayCare provides a huge indoor play centre for dogs of all shapes and size, to run, play or just relax around other safe and sociable canines. The dogs are always supervised, but the aim is to have a vibrant community of dogs who all get along and play nicely together... and enjoy each other's company.

To ensure that all the dogs staying under our care are kept safe throughout the day, we need to assess each new dog entering this dynamic environment so we can learn about their likes, dislikes, activity levels and general behaviour around other dogs and people.

The full-day assessment process allows our professional staff to safely manage the new dogs in different scenarios and environments within the centre. To your dog it is like one activity after another, spaced throughout the day, where they can get to experience the relaxed atmosphere and play with dogs that we assess to be suitable playmates. On that note, our staff have their own dogs of varying breed and age that help us during the assessment process, allowing safe dog-to-dog interactions before we introduce them into suitable groups.

The assessment is conducted over a full day so as to not overload your dog with too many new sights, sounds and experiences all at once. We are mindful of the fact that a positive outcome on the assessment process involves helping individual dogs to adjust to various processes we have put in place to create a happy and vibrant PlayCare environment. Even if you are only ever intending leaving your dog for a half day stay, the initial assessment process will take a full day to complete.

At the end of the assessment day we provide owners with a detailed insight to their dog's activities throughout the day and how they coped with the overall process. A positive assessment means that your dog is welcome to visit us whenever it suits you.

If by chance your dog is not fully comfortable staying here with us throughout the day, we can discuss potential options for training, or repeated assimilation sessions where a strategy can be put in place to help your pet to become more settled in this environment. From previous experience, some dogs just take a little more time to adjust to different environments.